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Megan Queen
28 August 2015 @ 10:02 pm
It has been over 3 years since my last post to livejournal. Time really does fly.

Lots of changes in my life since I was last seen on this website. I've moved from sunny, parched southern California to the wet and rainy cold of Seattle, Washington. (Spoiler Alert: it really isn't that bad. Winter is crap and autumn has way too many spiders, but the rest of the year it is absolutely beautiful here.) It's taken some getting used to, but I've been here about two years now, I'd say, and it feels like home.

I have a job I enjoy, though nothing to do with websites or art. I push papers for a legal process service company, ABC Legal. Mainly I liase with sheriff civil process departments, which has become a great deal more hectic since we moved into new service territory. I barely get any free time, but it's satisfying work, regardless. Just the right amount of repetative workflow to keep my focus, with enough challenge to make it never dull - and far too much facepalming and questioning insanity, really. I still do maintaince work for websites on the side, but not seriously.

Movies I've seen recently: Ant-Man, Man From UNCLE, and Jurassic World. This summer has been a good time for excellent movies. I enjoyed all three to the point of multiple viewings, and would recommend them all. Man From UNCLE, especially.

At age 28, I still live at home with my folks, because despite the job I still can't afford to live alone, even in a one-bedroom shoebox. No pets either, but I've come to realise that if I did live alone and have a pet, it would suffer my attention span and die of starvation. Someday, someday.

I do miss some things about southern California - ready access to Disneyland, for start. The only equivelant entertainment up here is the Woodland Park Zoo, which is tiny enough to walk the entire grounds in 2 hours. I have yet to make it to Mt. St. Helens or up to Vancouver, but I hear there is an excellent zoo/aquarium up there that I would enjoy.

Currently, I am watching the Man From UNCLE TV series, debating dying my hair for halloween (though what goes well with strawberry blonde is a puzzle), gradually working on my personal website Meadowstar Concepts, and trying to muster the energy to do chores this weekend. It's a never-ending battle.

Hopefully, it won't be another 3 years until my next post. Until then, this is kesomon, signing off.
Megan Queen
17 April 2012 @ 11:04 pm
Many things have changed in the days since my last post. Well, not really life-changing changes, but certainly new and exciting.

In regards to my online presence, I confess I haven't been checking my friends-list on Livejournal with any sort of regularity. Instead, my time has been spent on Tumblr, which links to my Twitter, which links to my Facebook. Poor Livejournal is just left out of the loop.

ElecTRONica was an utterly fantastic, magnificent, unforgettable blast! I loved it so much in March that I upgraded my pass from Select to Normal SoCal, using a blockout ticket last Saturday, so that I could attend Saturday and Sunday. The LAST DAYS. Oh gods it was heartwrenching. I made posts about it on Tumblr. Read Saturday's and read Sunday's.

You might notice that the Indomitable Charles and Erik that graced my header and icon are gone. The new banner and icon feature a Tron theme, because that fandom pretty much owns my soul from now on. I drew the featured pic to use as a Facebook cover banner. Frankly, I spent too much time and effort on it to be used on Facebook, because when I uploaded it there, it immediately lost, like, 40% image quality. Fail. It looks neat though, merged as it is with my profile image.

The OC Program is designated Meg-Q87, or Meg, and is probably a benign trojan worm that leaves plot ideas in the mailboxes of fellow artists/writers. The armor and goggles are for when she bumps into security programs devoid of senses of humor.

But it was really just an excuse to draw myself in Grid circuits. <3333333

I also joined Pottermore, finally. I'm QuestMahogany6191, Hufflepuff. I probably won't spend a lot of time there.

Anyways. The majority of my time nowadays will be spent on Tumblr and Twitter, most likely. Follow me there if you like; the links are on my sidebar.
Megan Queen
26 March 2012 @ 10:02 pm
Guess where I'm going for an early birthday?

ELECTRONICA! Which is in Disneyland! And I am going Wednesday!

Yush, it'll just be me on my lonesome, waking up at the crack of dawn on Wednesday, driving down to get in the doors first thing to get my picture taken for an annual pass! And then, after an exciting full day spent hopping parks and trolling in ElecTRONica after sundown, I get to sleep in a hotel and do it all again the next day!

The funny thing about this? I had only planned to get a 2-day park hopper ticket, and be done with it. But then mom and dad literally talked me into choosing a SoCal select annual pass. *facepalm*

I'm going to try and find a Tron pin for my hat.

But wait, it's only Monday night. And I'm already packed up. Oh gods, Tuesday is going to be HORRIFIC in terms of pre-travel anxiety and anticipation.
Megan Queen
23 March 2012 @ 04:36 am
Dooptidoo, wow, haven't posted in a while, again. Lessee, what's new? Eh, not much.

Hunger Games! ...actually, that's a bit of forced enthusiasm there, because apparently unlike the rest of the world I will probably not see it. Why? Well, for one, I haven't read the book(s?) So I have no clue what it's about, aside from what I glean from the trailers. I could google it, but I'm lazy. But really, the main reason I'm iffy about it is that when I watch the trailers, I can't help but look at that woman with the pink clothes and the poofy afro and think "....The Happiness Patrol is back."

Seriously. Tell me I'm not the only Doctor Who fan who immediately compared the similarities.

Not that I think the Happiness Patrol is a bad episode. I mean, it's got Ace, and the Doctor playing blues-spoons, gotta love that.

But yeah. Prolly won't see it. I'm saving my four tickets for Avengers and Spider-Man.

Speaking of movies, I read that apparently, they're basing the possibility of a third Tron movie on whether or not the cartoon being released this summer flies well. I have immediately begun biting my nails in anxiety over this, as rarely has any cartoon I've loved lasted for more than a few seasons (Danny Phantom comes to mind.) Though I'm fairly sure that, when they finally do release the airdate for the first episode, my head will explode. Violently.

Anyhoo. In more recent news, I have the chance to go to the San Diego Zoo next week, but it would require I get on a train to Irvine, whereupon my grandma would also board (ha, the chances of getting on the same car are slim, good luck with that) and ride with to SD. Bleh. Sounds like a lot of fret and hassle. I'd love to do the zoo, but I'm not sure it's worth it.

Of course, that same argument is also the reason for my internal battle over birthday plans. I would love to go to Disneyland/California Adventure and do ElecTRONica before it goes away, and I honestly wouldn't mind spending $99 for a 2-day pass, but how would I get there? I wouldn't be able to drive and park, so someone would have to drop me off, and pick me up at who-knows-when in the morning/night. And mom has shown little interest in spending the same price to join me in the park for 2 days of Star Tours and Grid entertainment. Because, yeah, that's pretty much all I'd be doing. Riding Star Tours, and wandering around the Grid.


It's currently 4:30, wtf. I should just stay up the rest of the night and day and try to reset my stupid body clock. This insomnia is driving me nuts.
Megan Queen
26 February 2012 @ 03:25 am
Hello again Livejournal, it's been a while. I guess I've been so distracted, posting tiny comments to Twitter and doing nothing with my life that I haven't had much to talk at length about here. And of course, if I'm forgetting to post, I'm forgetting to check my F-list for new posts. Bet I've missed quite a few things in my absence.

It's currently 3am, and I think the reason I'm still awake tonight is cuz I'm hungry. I didn't really get anything to eat for dinner, except an English muffin with pineapple and honey on it. It was actually quite tasty, but not very filling.

Yesterday I finally fixed a problem - well, DAD fixed the problem I had been trying to fix with my computer, which was glitching. Except now that it's fixed, it's acting more bogged down and sluggish than it was before I mucked it up in the first place. Also, I think I'm too dependant on that machine. When I fiddled with the system and somehow managed to unallocate my hard drive partitions, I felt like someone had stuck their hand in my chest and squished my heart. I still feel bloody ill at ease, even now that it's relatively fixed. Is it possible to feel violated by something you did to yourself? Cuz I kinda feel that way, which is probably not helping the insomnia.

Also not helping the insomnia are the group of people outside chatting at audible conversation volume. It's 3am, gorramit, break up the party!

Been looking for a job, but I'm pretty limited and have had no luck, since everyone and their right foot wants experience to be qualified for anything, and I haven't got that. So I sleep all day, sit in my room all night, avoiding the downstairs because it's so noisy and constricting and makes me antsy.

And the household projects are progressing slowly, but they're progressing. The main bathroom is torn apart. I hate having to use the smaller bathroom. Even with the new shower curtain (which does lessen the claustrophobia a little, being arched out and away from the tub) I still feel like my skin is crawling when the door is shut. And there's no ventilation, so it feels oppressive and stifling after a shower, with all that steam and heat. I can't breathe in there.

So, from what I can sum up of this report, I'm hungry, uneasy, and depressed. Situation normal then. Guess I should try to sleep, eh?